Tour 76 – A Bird in the Hand


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Description Of This Tour

Birds and their feathers have played a critical role in many cultural ceremonies and practices. Now the field of ethno-ornithology combines an understanding of these practices with avian identification and avian forensics. Come explore the intersection between bird feather identification and anthropology artifacts with Ildiko Szabo from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Discover how sleuthing bird identifications helps confirm and can lead to discovering, the cultural origin of stunningly beautiful feathered artifacts.

Hosting the event is Sharon Mansiere, Biology Professor and Curator of the Okanagan College Research Museum.


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Tour Details

Difficulty Level: 0

Price: $10

+ Price Includes: N/A

 Max Group: 30

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Location: Penticton

Meeting Place: Okanagan College Theatre

Transportation: None

Age Permitted