Tour 67 – Introductory Birding Workshop


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Description Of This Tour

Spend the morning learning everything you need to know about birding, and get inspired to take up this fun and rewarding hobby! This workshop is meant for beginners (kids and adults) and anyone looking to learn what birding is all about. Local biologists and birders Matthias and Jason Bieber will introduce participants to various important topics and provide demonstrations on general bird identification and tips, bird habitat, birding resources, using binoculars and scopes, and feeding birds in the Okanagan. Afterwards, practice your knowledge with a fun hike through Sun-Oka Provincial Park and along Trout Creek which offers a diverse range of habitats to explore including lake shoreline, riparian forest, shrub thickets, ponderosa pine stands, sagebrush meadows, and cliffs. Participants from this event can continue their day of birding by joining the Okanagan Big Day event for novices (Tour 60b).


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Tour Details

Difficulty Level: 1

Price: $20

+ Price Includes: N/A

 Max Group: 12

Additional Items To Bring

  • N/A


Location: Summerland

Meeting Place: Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park Parking Lot

Transportation: None

Age Permitted