Sunday May 19, 2024 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tour Location: Penticton Meeting Place: Japanese Garden parking lot - 199 Marina Way, Penticton, BC V2A 1H5
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Tour 39 – Urban Forest Tour and Art Walk

Tour Leader: Dianne Bersea

Tickets closed for this year, thank you!

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Description Of This Tour

Explore, discover, question, identify, examine and ponder the nature and challenges of Penticton’s Urban Forest…the planned and unplanned Green Infrastructure of our city environment. Often overlooked, Penticton’s Urban Forest provides essential wildlife habitat, climate mitigation and human health support. With biologist Lia McKinnon (tree interpretation); Forest Bathing facilitator, Joanne Scofield (short sensory tune-up), and; Penticton Trees FB advocacy group founder, artist, Nature Wise columnist Dianne Bersea…we’ll ramble the streets, by-ways, trails, creek sides and city overlooks of our rapidly changing city. Join us to experience some of the best and not so successful elements of Penticton’s natural environment. Note: this event includes subtle art component to enhance our observation skills, but absolutely no art experience required.

Tour Leader: Dianne Bersea

Please be prepared for all sorts of weather – hot, sunny, windy, cold and rain too! Dress in layers and bring all-weather clothing, sunscreen, a sun hat, sturdy hiking footwear, a snack and at least 1 litre of water for all tours and events. For longer walks and hikes you will need at least 2 litres of water, as well as snacks and a bagged lunch (if not provided). Cameras, binoculars and plant and bird field guides are optional but add to your enjoyment. Please note any additional items to bring if applicable for your tour.


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Tour Details

Difficulty Level: 2

Price: $25.00

+ Price Includes: N/A

 Max Group: 20

Additional Items To Bring

  • Equipment required: Notebook or sketchbook,
  • pencil or pen, or your favourite sketching tools if you have them/ 
  • Portable lawn chair, sun hat, water, personal snacks. 
  • Some additional art supplies provided if needed


Location: Penticton

Meeting Place: Japanese Garden parking lot - 199 Marina Way

Transportation: None

Age Permitted